Introduction of Chinese Language Course

Primary Chinese Programme / 小学综合语文课

Our Primary Chinese Class is a long-term course that includes four major components: speaking, listening, Chinese language application and essay writing training. The Classes are in line with the latest MOE syllabus and prepare students for their examinations, whilst guiding them every step of the way to build the confidence that they need to excel in exams.

Our Primary Chinese Course consists of four teaching modules:

  1. Oral and Listening Comprehension

This module focuses on cultivating recitation skills, improving listening skills and enhancing oral expression abilities. Through a series of teaching measures, we help students overcome negative emotions towards learning Chinese, improve learning quality and vastly improve their listening and oral skills, building their confidence in learning Chinese.

  1. Application of Chinese Language

This module emphasizes the learning and understanding of Chinese language and literature. We pay attention to teaching words, phrases, sentences and short passages. Each exercise in class effectively strengthens the students’ grasp of the knowledge points.

  1. Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an important component of elementary school Chinese language learning and it is one of the most complex areas for students preparing for their examinations. In traditional teaching, students regard reading comprehension as a tedious task, which not only hinders the fun of reading but also produces a very passive learning psychology, resulting in difficulty in improving grades.

Our reading comprehension exercises at Sharp Learners are based on the teaching of the outline of words, phrases and sentences. We select engaging exercises to assist teaching while imparting students with vocabulary and phrases, language sense, basic grammar and methods of

reading short passages. We also teach efficient and accurate answering skills and error correction with thorough review steps.

  1. Essay Training

Essay writing is the most challenging part of elementary school Chinese language and universally seen as the most challenging component in exams. As students’ reading volumes are limited, writing training should start as early as possible.

Our essay training at Sharp Learners emphasizes the teaching of vocabulary comprehension and application, phrase structure and usage, paragraph main ideas and connections as well as the understanding and appreciation of the article. The teaching objective is to cultivate students’ writing abilities and their ability to use Chinese language.



  1. 口语与听力


  1. 语文应用


  1. 阅读理解




  1. 作文训练



 Course Information:

P1-P2: 1.5 hours / session / week | Long Term | $50/session

小一/小二:每周每节课1.5小时 | 长期课程 | 每节课50块

Small class size 小班授课

P3-P6:2 hours / session / week | Long Term | $50/session

小三/小四:每周每节课两小时 | 长期课程 | 每节课50块

16-week Pinyin Intensive Course / 16周拼音强化课


Learning Pinyin is the foundation of learning the Chinese language, which can help children understand and express the meaning of Chinese characters correctly, thereby improving their reading, writing and speaking abilities.

The 16-week Pinyin intensive Course at Sharp Learners aims to achieve three learning objectives: ‘accurate pronunciation, clear recognition of form and correct writing’. The curriculum is suitable for the needs of pre-school children and first graders who are learning the Chinese language.

In this course, students will enhance their learning interests and motivation through Pinyin songs and a large amount of pronunciation training. At the same time, the course will also focus on cultivating students’ auditory, oral and visual abilities to help them achieve a better understanding of Pinyin and Chinese pronunciation.

In addition, this course also focuses on helping students write Pinyin letters correctly to avoid common Pinyin and character shape errors. The “16-week Pinyin Enhancement Course” is a practice based Chinese course that lays a solid foundation for future learning.







Course Information:

1.5 hours / session / week

16 weeks

Small class size