Discover the Right Programme for Your Child


Preparation for P1

At Sharplearners, we believe value the importance of learning and sparking the child’s own interest in the language.

From Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2, Sharplearner prepares children for their P1 Chinese curriculum by continuously building an extensive dictionary of vocabulary and phrases which they will practice throughout the classes in a fun and relaxed way. 



Hanyu Pinyin

Learning Pinyin is the foundation of learning the Chinese language, which can help children understand and express the meaning of Chinese characters correctly, thereby improving their reading, writing and speaking abilities.

 In our lessons, students build a powerful pinyin foundation, increase their vocabulary and show visible improvement in their speech and pronunciation.

International School Chinese

The International Chinese Language Programme delivers Chinese language courses based on International Schools’ curriculum to students who are going to learn Mandarin as a foreign/second language in Singapore.

We will go beyond the textbooks to educate our students in Chinese cultural awareness and expressions, as well as listening to Chinese folklores and learning traditional Chinese festivals.



Primary School Programmes

In our Lower Primary classes, students are immersed in a language-rich curriculum to build confidence and learn essential relevant skills for the school term. Upper Primary classes are designed to help students excel academically, through applying techniques systematically, targeted component-specific practice, and exposure to various exam question types.