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Our Programmes


Introduction to Phonics ​

A strong English foundation is supported by fun exploratory activities and useful learning techniques in our early childhood enrichment courses for preschoolers. At this young age, we focus on developing your child’s language interest and speaking confidence.


Advanced Phonics

Our early years Advanced programme caters to Nursery and Kindergarten students, extending beyond phonics fundamentals to focus on oral and visual blending skills. In our lessons, students build a powerful spelling foundation, increase their vocabulary and show visible improvement in handwriting. 

Sharp Reading Programme

Lower Primary and Kindergarten students are taught using a highly structured approach in our comprehensive literacy programme. Curated in-house by reading experts, lessons empower students to decode unfamiliar words, strengthen comprehension skills, and enjoy creative writing. 


Primary Programmes

In our Lower Primary classes, students are immersed in a language-rich curriculum to build confidence and learn essential relevant skills for the school term. Upper Primary classes are designed to help students excel academically, through applying techniques systematically, targeted component-specific practice, and exposure to various exam question types.

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Why Sharp Learners?

Every child has individual learning needs unique to him or her. Classroom innovation is key to achieving outstanding results and extraordinary learning outcomes. By combining academic knowledge and growth mindset techniques, we want to set your child up for success in class, and on the global stage. Find out how we can work together to nurture your child’s English academic journey.

Key Features of Our Learning Experience

A holistic education

Beyond mastering reading fundamentals and achieving exam excellence, our lessons help children to develop multidisciplinary strengths. This motivates them to build confident communication skills and become well-rounded English learners.   

Small class sizes

We believe that students deserve equal attention from their teacher. By maintaining fewer students per class, teachers are able to facilitate enhanced learning, encourage participation, and provide personalised teaching.

Aligned with Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus

With PSLE-trained curriculum writers on the team, all enrichment programmes are regularly reviewed and updated to guarantee that the highest standards of Singapore’s education system are met.

A lifelong love for learning

Our goal is to empower students with academic knowledge in a fun and supportive learning environment, whilst encouraging them to enjoy the journey and grow up to become creative problem solvers for the future.


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Sharp Learners equips preschoolers, kindergarten and up to P6 students with strong English Literacy phonics and reading skills. Our in-house developed English tuition and enrichment programmes help young learners increase confidence, enrich communication, and ace exams.

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