Discover the Right Programme for Your Child


Introduction to Phonics ​

A strong English foundation is supported by fun exploratory activities and useful learning techniques in our early childhood enrichment courses for preschoolers. At this young age, we focus on developing your child’s language interest and speaking confidence.


Advanced Phonics

Our early years Advanced programme caters to Nursery and Kindergarten students, extending beyond phonics fundamentals to focus on oral and visual blending skills. In our lessons, students build a powerful spelling foundation, increase their vocabulary and show visible improvement in handwriting. 

Sharp Reading Programme

Lower Primary and Kindergarten students are taught using a highly structured approach in our comprehensive literacy programme. Curated in-house by reading experts, lessons empower students to decode unfamiliar words, strengthen comprehension skills, and enjoy creative writing. 


Primary School Programmes

In our Lower Primary classes, students are immersed in a language-rich curriculum to build confidence and learn essential relevant skills for the school term. Upper Primary classes are designed to help students excel academically, through applying techniques systematically, targeted component-specific practice, and exposure to various exam question types.

 Phonics Early Years

 Introduction to Phonics

A fun and interactive beginner’s class to welcome little ones to the world of reading. Through hands-on activities and useful exercises to strengthen fine motor skills, young learners start to discover the joys of reading and learning English.

Advanced Phonics

Attain important reading readiness skills to accelerate your child’s English learning journey. Immerse in a language-rich environment, pick up crucial techniques, and prepare for the demands of school.

Sharp Reading Programme

Our in-house developed Reading Programme is a comprehensive literacy curriculum that has helped >2,500 kids learn reading successfully. Build a strong spelling foundation, sharpen comprehension skills, develop a keen eye for grammar, and improve oral and written communication.

Primary 1 to 6 

Achieve key learning milestones in your Primary academic journey. Build a strong foundation from lower primary and master useful component-specific techniques to pave your way to exam excellence.


 What Do Our Programmes Offer Your Child?
Customised Academic Plan for Sharp Exam Skills

Every child has different learning needs that require their tutor’s personalised attention. Each week, we chart your child’s progress and implement innovative teaching strategies to help them continually improve in our classes.

Focus on Performance Through Relevant School Topics

Developed by experienced phonics trainers, our Phonics and Reading programmes are uniquely designed to empower students as they learn sounds and words in language that boost their ability to communicate. When your child enjoys learning, they will become more confident in developing early literacy skills. 

We constantly refresh our curriculum according to the school syllabus, while introducing concepts that can help your child deepen their understanding of our world.

Activities to Engage Your Child and Nurture Their Curiosity

Our curriculum includes a healthy mix of group and individual work, open discussions, games, and critical thinking practice to spark your child’s interest. 

Whether it’s about mastering English or overcoming any future challenges, we believe that your child can succeed by tapping into their creativity to redefine and reach new personal goals.