Pinyin Enhancement Course

Learning Pinyin is the foundation of learning the Chinese language, which can help children understand and express the meaning of Chinese characters correctly, thereby improving their reading, writing and speaking abilities.

The 16-week Pinyin intensive Course at Sharp Learners aims to achieve three learning objectives: ‘accurate pronunciation, clear recognition of form and correct writing’. The curriculum is suitable for the needs of pre-school children and first graders who are learning the Chinese language.

In this course, students will enhance their learning interests and motivation through Pinyin songs and a large amount of pronunciation training. At the same time, the course will also focus on cultivating students’ auditory, oral and visual abilities to help them achieve a better understanding of Pinyin and Chinese pronunciation.

In addition, this course also focuses on helping students write Pinyin letters correctly to avoid common Pinyin and character shape errors. The “16-week Pinyin Enhancement Course” is a practice based Chinese course that lays a solid foundation for future learning.