Preparing Students for Reading Excellence

Who We Are

Sharp Learners equips kindergarten and primary students with strong English Literacy skills, to learn with joy and academic success. Our English tuition and enrichment programmes help young learners to increase confidence, enrich communication, and become critical and creative thinkers.

A powerful phonics foundation kickstarts your child’s learning journey, nurturing lifelong learners as they explore the wonders of the English language.

Our team of dedicated teachers deliver fun, interactive lessons that not only spark imagination and stimulate curiosity, but also equip students with essential reading readiness and confident speaking skills that can help them in life.

A holistic learning experience

Instead of the usual approach to only focus on sounds when learning phonics, our pre-primary programmes combine both visual and phonemic aspects to help children develop multidisciplinary strengths and master the fundamentals of reading.

Aligned with Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus

Sharp Learner’s enrichment courses are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the highest standards of Singapore’s education system are met, giving our students a competitive advantage.

A lifelong love for learning

Our student-centred goal is to furnish primary students with academic know-how in a fun and supportive environment, whilst helping them develop creative problem-solving tools for the future.

Small class sizes

We believe that students deserve equal attention from their teacher. By keeping class headcount manageable, we want to ensure teachers and students are maximising class time.