Happy Staff, Happy Learners

At Sharp Learners, the learning never stops. This is true for students as well as teachers. We believe in continuous training for all our colleagues to refresh teaching methods and ensure classrooms are a safe and dynamic space of learning.

We value our teachers. Together with strategic pedagogy, well-trained teachers form the bedrock of a successful enrichment centre. Our core values lie in mindfulness, mental wellbeing, and a commitment to lesson innovation.

There is meaning in everything we do, and building a supportive, compassionate and knowledgeable network of teachers who are passionate about education is a big part of that.

Luca M. Speed

Academic Director

Luca is an experienced English phonics expert, trained in the widely accepted Standard British English and according to MOE-stipulated benchmarks. With more than 10 years of teaching under his belt, he has developed a highly effective Reading System that has helped >2,500 kids learn reading successfully.

Prior to Sharp Learners, Luca taught as a Teaching & Curriculum Specialist at one of Singapore’s top English tuition schools. He was involved in shaping the Reading and Primary curriculum, and also served as Academic Trainer, training and mentoring teachers across 5 different centres. 

In addition, Luca held key positions in Language Study Centres (LSC) and Trinity UK, British Council Accredited providers for the teaching of English in the UK. During his tenure, he acted as an Education Consultant, fostering longstanding collaboration with parents and teachers. 

As the Academic Director of Sharp Learners, Luca leads with conviction to realise his vision of offering his students not only the ability to excel in exams, but also learning opportunities to develop a global advantage for the real world!

Duan Yuanyuan


Yuanyuan graduated with a bachelor’s degree from ChangChun University China and CI-NTU Singapore. She is a believer that a child’s learning journey starts from a very young age, and it is important to find an optimal balance between the knowledge required for academic excellence and lesson experiences that inspire students to love for learning the language.

Since 2020, she has tutored more than a hundred students from the basics such as Hanyu Pinyin to the more rigorous Essay Writing. Her unique way of teaching enables students to have both a marked improvement in their examinations and also increased interest in the Chinese language.