It’s quite common for classroom teachers to put students through a series of tests to figure out which areas the kids find challenging and need a little bit more help tackling. There is no fixed rubric on this.

So, why is it important to assess a budding reader? Simply, it’s because every child learns differently and at their own pace. For example, a 4-year-old may possess the reading ability of a 5-year-old. Or a child in P4 may require more work at the P3 level. The assessments allow trained professionals to offer recommendations of the most suitable class that can reach the fullest potential of a child’s abilities.

At Sharp Learners, we provide a free 1-on-1 reading diagnostic assessment for children aged 4-12. There are two different types of evaluation for pre-primary/early primary students, and those in levels P2 and above. But both sessions aim to achieve the similar goals of gauging a child’s vocabulary, fluency, understanding, phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Each assessment lasts anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. We believe in taking the time to figure out the exact best solution for your child.

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