Five ways the Sharp Reading Programme improves a child’s skill.

Confident reading is an essential and invaluable part of a child’s learning journey progression.

Our reading programme is built around these principles:

1)  Cumulative knowledge: sounds and their spellings are introduced in a logical sequence without distractions. This is done through easy to remember symbols and codes

2) Responsibility: students are encouraged from the first lesson to take ownership of their reading practice as well as homework and spellings through a weekly spelling test

3) Sight words: throughout the course, students are exposed to common words which are highlighted for them and repeated across the material

4) Familiarity: the programme encourages students to get comfortable with printed text and writing material

5) Basic grammar: as the course progresses, capitalisation, punctuation, dialogue and paragraphs are used to aid comprehension skills

By the end of the programme, students will have the tools to become more fluent readers, with teachers spending less time on decoding words and devoting more focus on comprehension and grammar activities.

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